Indoor Mapping with Indoorvu

I’m a technical advisor for Indoorvu, an ESRI startup company that uses the Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping System (TIMMS) to map interior structure, radio frequency, Wifi and a range of other data inside of buildings, large and small.  Integrated LiDAR and Ladybug camera systems are coupled with GPS and IMUs to give the cart a precise location in space which can then be combined with additional sensor data.  These maps can be used to help building owners map interior structure for remodels, map cell signal throughout a building, and chart WiFi strength maps.  The company is also starting to build image recognition and use machine learning to mine the data stream coming off the TIMMS cart and all the different sensors Indoorvu uses.

The company is comprised of a number of analysts (field and data), programmers (web and backend), and consultants. Indoorvu is working to map new spaces, integrate new technology into the suite of sensors, and push the limits of ‘smart’ building management.  Here’s a few images showing the people and the work they do.

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