Writing a research paper?  Need help doing geospatial analysis, GIS, remote sensing, lidar?  I am always open to collaboration opportunities with like-minded research scientists.

Coding and Tech

Need to build a geospatial tool?  Want to map your data?  I can help you do it.  I use ArcGIS, QGIS, ENVI and a suite of open source and proprietary software.  I program in Python, R and dabble in MATLAB and IDL.


I am part of a larger network of geospatial consultants who have a wide range of skills, from computer vision, machine learning to genetics and ecology.  If I can't help you answer your question, I know someone who can.


My Specialties

My research interests are in biogeography and the spatial distribution of plants and animals.  I also have a strong interest in active remote sensing technologies like radar and lidar to study three-dimensional structure in natural or manmade environments.

ESRI Developer Network

I'm also a part of the ESRI developers network and have been working with Indoorvu, Groundvu and One Degree North as a python developer to build tools and scripts which solve geospatial problems.


Next Steps...

If you'd like to collaborate on a research project or a commercial venture.  Please reach out and contact me.